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    Defining your team

    Team Building

    Let's look at defining your team. Is your current team really what you need it to be?

    Defining your team

    Kinds of teams

    These days we see a lot of 'virtual' teams - people who hardly ever see each other, or even work in the same office or even the same country.

    Then there are teams that all sit in an open plan space and chat with each other all day as things arise.

    There are teams where people sit in separate spaces and get together once a day/week/fortnight.

    There are teams that seem to do all their communicating via e-mail or conference calls.

    There are teams that work on projects together and others where people go off and do their own thing and come together every once in a while to report and bring everyone else up to date.

    Whatever your team looks like, however, it still has to be able to function well and achieve its goals.

    What teams aren't

    They don't have to be a family
    People don't have to be bosom buddies
    People don't even have to like each enough to want to have dinner together
    Teams aren't group therapy

    Teams can, however, on occasion, be any or all of those things.

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